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  • Integration of Traditions and Modern Methodologies through "Aiki no Jutsu"

    While many martial arts are aspiring to tournaments or sport, Aiki Ishin-ryu focuses on old, practical techniques from "Aiki no Jutsu" (相氣の術). Introduced by an experienced martial artist at the traditional Takeda-ryu Nakamura-ha, Aiki Ishin-ryu has always been innovating its training methods with modern knowledge and extra precaution not to let its role as a protector of history lose its substance. As a result, members of Aiki Ishin-ryu can access to the amassed, tremendous amount of authentic intellectual heritage and learn them with boosted efficiency.

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  • Soke (宗家: the originator)

    Yoshinaka Suzuki (鈴木喜中)

    The founder and the head of Aiki Ishin-ryu

    The head Shihan (師範: teacher) of NPO International Aikido Association

    Certified Sports Leader of Japan Sport Association

    Qualified Leadership Chief in General Foundation of Japan Leadership and Education Association

    Ex-Joden Shihan (上伝師範) at Takeda-ryu Nakamura-ha (武田流中村派)

    Ex-Kancho (館長: owner of a Dojo) in Nihon Sobudo Rengokai (日本綜武道連合会) at the youngest age at that time

    5 times of Championship in Sogo Randori Shiai (綜合乱取試合: integrated competition) at All Japan Tournament of Takeda-ryu Nakamura-ha

    Honorary memeber of International Traditional Budo Federation

  • Education

    In addition to martial art techniques, related Japanese and history are also taught. Certificates will be granted to those who pass our rigorous examinations.

  • Instructors

    Our techniques will be taught only by our instructors with fixed-term licenses guaranteeing substantial abilities. The list of all instructors are administered by our headquarter dojo in Tokyo and is open to any member.

  • Regulations

    Based on our clearly stated universal rules, all of our members' chance to practice are equally protected. Any act of corruption is to be punished immediately and strictly.

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